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22 April, 2016 - Updated Last updated on
14 March, 2022

Posted by Spaceships Crew

Planning on going on a road trip this Summer through the UK? You will be going on a road trip during the Year of the garden, so make sure to have these amazing gardens on your Itinerary! These stunning gardens are spread all over England with different garden styles and some got parks and castles attached.

They are perfect to take a little break off the road, chill out and just enjoy the views and the smell of the different flowers

So lean back, have a read through and decide which ones you want to visit.

That will be the hardest part as they are all equally stunning and most definitely worth a visit.

The following is our personal selection of the gardens we like the most, to save you a little bit of researching time and spend more time on the road.

Royal botanic gardens of London

The first gardens to visit are really close to our main depot in London which are the Kensington Gardens and the Kew Gardens which are the royal botanic gardens of London.

Kew Gardens


Driving out of London and going south-west you will discover Bath and the Cotswolds Secret Gardens.

Eden project

Going further west into Cornwall, there is the Eden project which is a pretty unique garden project you shouldn’t miss out on.

Eden Project1


In the same lovely area of Cornwall there are two gardens which should make your short list, they are both in Devon so you don’t have to drive far to see them.

The first one is the Garden House and the other one is the Buckland Monachorum.

The most off the beaten track garden is even south of Cornwall the Tresco Abbey Gardens on the Isles of Scilly. Not easy to get there but most definitely worth the drive. 

Abbey Gardens


Driving on from Cornwall Sir Harald Hiller Gardens in Hampshire is basically on the way and this is not the only reason why you should stop there and visit it. Just have a look at this stunning picture which doesn’t even come close to what you can expect to see there.

Sir Harald Hiller Gardens


Going further east there are the Gardens and Castles of Canterbury and also the Cambridge Gardens shouldn’t be missed out on.

Many of the gardens are up north from London but there is one in Kent, Hever Castle, and also Great Dixter Garden in East Sussex which you should visit and explore.

Great Dixter Gardens


Driving on again and finally going up north there is Helmingham Hall and Gardens in Suffolk which offers nice gardens to hang out and explore.

You probably heard of Oxford because of its University and the nice city but it has even two stunning gardens on offer, the first one is Blenheim Palace and the second one is Broughton Castle which is a little bit further out from the city.

Broughton Castle


Other Gardens up North you shouldn’t miss out on are the Laskett Gardens and Westonbury Mill in Herefordshire, the Compton Verney and Ann Hathaway’s Cottage and Gardens in Warwickshire and of course the Shakespeare Lakes and Grand Garden in the West Midlands.

Anne Hathaway Garden



Worth a visit are most definitely the Historic Houses and Garden in the East Midlands as well as the Trentham Estate Gardens in Staffordshire and Chatsworth House in Derbyshire.

Trentham Gardens


Last but not least as off the Yorkshire dales weren’t already stunning enough, there are two gardens which are more than worth a visit. These gardens are the Magnificent Yorkshire Gardens and the Newby Hall.

Newby Hall Gardens


As you can see you can make it a whole garden only road trip but make sure to visit the amazing beaches, cities and little towns on the way.

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