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11 July, 2015 - Updated Last updated on
14 March, 2022

Posted by Spaceships Crew

So I’ve arrived in Cornwall! Yey! A mere 48-hour adventure from Aberdeen. After my 10hr surprisingly comfortable and friendly, if a little “rocky” overnight Megabus Gold to Victoria Bus station, London, the very nice Glaswegian bus driver gave me perfect directions to step 2 of my UK transport network adventure…taking me to Victoria underground and a couple of false starts with the attempted purchase of a rail ticket  – A simple lack of focus I would opinion!

Time for an epic European road trip

Time for an epic European road trip

Getting there

Correct ticket purchased and with a little blow to my confidence each attendant I spoke to confirmed the circle line, platform 1 really was the way to Paddington. I boarded the correct underground a sweaty mess….this, however, did not matter as the London underground has pulled itself into the 21st century with, wait for it, air conditioning! Holy crap this was exciting. So apart from looking like I could be a serious bomb threat with my large backpack and 2 separate holdalls, step 2 was shaping up nicely.

The Rome2Rio website had taken me this far, could step 3 be its undoing? At Paddington station, I bought my ticket to Hayes and Harlington. I almost got caught out with the two “day single” ticket options, luckily there was an attendant on hand to explain that the more expensive ticket was for first class, denoted by the fact it said “first-day single”, and not, in fact, rush hour prices as I had queried…seems so simple when explained!

London you naughty little trickster

Off I went with my £6 ticket to the departures boards…with so many train options to my destination, I thought how can I go wrong. I chose, Platform 10. Cheeky little Platform 10 did try and catch me out, but I was now wise to the London transport network, another conversation with an attendant and I was informed the train I was attempting to board wasn’t actually going anywhere – best get on the actual train about 10 carriages behind – ah ha I thought, London you naughty little trickster.

On the correct train I got, and 15 mins later jumped (slowly crept, laden with luggage) off at H & H, step 3 complete! Step 4 as informed by Spaceship enterprise was a 5 min walk left out of the station and first left. And so it was after a short 12-hour journey of busing, walking, under-grounding, training and walking I arrived for my camper car, early! A rare yet happy occurrence.

Arriving at Spaceships HQ

At Spaceships, the guys couldn’t be more helpful. John, the manager, had been very patient and friendly, courteously coping with the numerous emails I’d sent beforehand. Craig my friendly New Zealander, got all my forms organised, walking me through all the things I’d need to know about my camper car and Michael took me through the travel/campsite books. All the guys seemed just excited as me about my adventure. Laters.

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