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07 February, 2017 - Updated Last updated on
14 March, 2022

Posted by Spaceships Crew

Summertime is party time. Especially with the many festivals in the UK and Europe. It's called festival season for a reason. Preparing for the upcoming festival season is easy with our tips. Now you'll be more prepared than any of your mates. Party on without worries... Use our festival tips and you know exactly what to bring on your festival road trip.

1. Bring your tickets

Sounds easy. But there's always one person who forgets to bring his/her ticket. Check this before you drive off in your campervan or motorhome to the festival. It's the number one festival tip we can give you, as no ticket means no entry.

2. Clothes

Although it's summertime, you can't run around naked all the time. :) As you'll never know what the UK or European weather will bring, you better be prepared for all weather types. It doesn't matter how much stuff you bring as each Spaceships campervan comes with huge amounts of storage space. There is no need to stress about fitting everything in an overnight bag.

Also, bring warm and waterproof clothing such as ponchos. We also recommend a good pair of walking boots or gumboots if the fields get muddy.

Festival crowd Eddy Berthier CC0

12 festival tips to make sure you arrive prepared

3. Stock up on food

Stock up on food before you get on the road. The added advantage of having a fridge and cooking facilities in your Spaceship campervan is that you will save you both time and money at the festival. Grab some sausages and salads and you're all set.

4. Sunscreen & after-sun lotion

Sunscreen lotion is a must if you are out all day enjoying the highlights of a festival, while the English sun is shining. After-sun lotion is always a great idea. Especially if you meet a cute boy or girl that might be willing to give you a massage after a long day of dancing to the tunes of your favourite DJ.

5. Baby wipes

A proven alternative to showering for UK festivals. One wipe and you're good to party for another day. Easy as.

6. Bottled water

Bottled water is great for the long queues. Each of our vehicles come with 20-litre water tank so we recommend filling that up before you head off. This will save you time and stress.

7. Your fave tunes on phone of CD

Your festival experience would not be complete without some tunes for your road trip. Each Spaceship comes with iPod/phone connectivity as an added bonus.

8. Beverages

A few beverages are a must. Bring your favourites. The built-in fridge in our campervans will keep them cool. Perfect for a late-night drink after rocking to your favourite bands all day.

9. No glass

Make sure you don't bring any glass as it will be confiscated by security staff and you may be refused entry into the site. So stock up on cans of soda and beer, not on glass bottles.

10. Charge your phone(s)

If you wish to charge your mobile phone while at the festival each Spaceships comes with a cigarette lighter than you can connect up to your charger. You can also purchase a USB charger from us for £5. Check out the full list of accessory options for your Spaceship campervan.

11. Cash

Try to keep only small amounts of cash on you at all times. If you wish to withdraw money there are ATMs at most festivals in the UK and Europe.

12. Bring earplugs

Especially if you're going to a multi-day festival or doing a festival road trip, bring earplugs to prevent permanent damage to your ears. You won't miss out on the music as long as you make sure to bring special earplugs that block out the noise and let the nice tunes go through.

Got more festival tips?

We love to hear if you guys have even more festival tips. Useful tips that we can add to this list. Tips like the 11 Top Tips for Sleeping at a Festival by Vicki. Let us know on Facebook or Twitter and we'll add the best ones to our list. Party on, rock on, dance on at all the awesome festivals this summer.

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