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29 January, 2021 - Updated Last updated on
14 March, 2022

Posted by Spaceships Crew

The Glastonbury festival is probably one of the most well-known festivals in the UK. It started out in the 70s as a free hippie festival and has evolved throughout the years as a festival with an impressive international line-up and over 100,000 visitors each year.

If you're serious about live music and gigs you should have attended the Glastonbury festival at least once. To make it even easier for you, we have listed all the info you need to get the most out of it.

Update - Glastonbury Festival 2021 - Cancelled 

On January 21st 2021 the Glastonbury Festival organisers Michael and Emily Eavis cancelled the Festival for the second year running as a result of the uncertainty caused by the Coronavirus. Tickets and accommodation for the 2020 & now 2021 festival will roll over until the 2022 Festival, scheduled for the weekend of 22nd - 26th June.

  • Revised Date: 22 - 26 June 2022. 
  • Location: Worthy Farm, in Pilton Somerset (BA4 4BY), which is a 3-hours drive from London
  • Line-up 2020: Lana Del Rey, Paul McCartney, Taylor Swift, Diana Ross... This will be updated for 2022 as soon as details are confirmed.
  • On-site camping: yes (included in the ticket price, but you need a separate ticket for camping with a campervan or caravan). More info about camping at the festival.
  • Tickets 2022: SOLD OUT You may register for tickets that come back on sale - Find out more here
  • More info: official website of the Glastonbury festival

You can read the full cancellation statement from Glastonbury here.

If you're planning on going to Glastonbury, you'll find loads of info below.

Glastonbury festival: line-up and info

How to get to the Glastonbury festival

As the Glastonbury festival is only a 3-hours drive from London it's easy to get there. Check out our list of directions below. Even though it's easy to get to the festival, you're not the only one going, so make sure you leave on time.

  • From London: M3 then A303 and A37. (Sat Nav TA11 7DP)
  • From the North East: A1 or M1, M25 to M3 (Junction 12), then A303 and A37. (Sat Nav TA11 7DP)
  • From the Midlands: Preferably M40 and A34 to A303 and A37. (Sat Nav TA11 7DP)
  • From the North West: M6, M5 to A39 (Junction 23) then A361. (Sat Nav BA6 9XE)
  • From Wales: M4, M5 to A39 (as above) (Sat Nav BA6 9XE)
  • For more local traffic using the A37 North or A361 East (Sat Nav BA4 4LY)

Car or campervan hire for Glastonbury festival

The Spaceships London depot is conveniently located within 5 mins of the M4. Your trip to the Glastonbury festival will be a quick and convenient one. The M4 connects directly to the M25 and then onto the M3 so you don`t have to struggle with London traffic to begin your festival experience.

Our Spaceships team is always happy to assist you with navigation if you have any questions. You can also hire a Sat Nav from us or grab one of the free UK maps available from our London depot. Glastonbury festival campervan hire sells out very early so make sure you book at least 6 months in advance to secure your vehicle.

Rideshare or carpool to the festival

Your Spaceship can seat up to 4 people in total so if you have a spare seat don`t let it go to waste.  We recommend checking out sites such as GoCarShare or Liftshare to join up with those who need a lift to the festival. You can split the costs between all of you if you hire one of our 7 or 9 seater people carriers.

Beating the traffic to the Glastonbury festival

Our best advice for the Glastonbury festival is to get in and get out early to clear the traffic. Access opens from midday on the day before the first day of the festival. To enable traffic folllow the blue route becomes one way by the final afternoon. No vehicles can access the campervan fields during this time.  

We advise our customers to plan their journey ahead of time to avoid the busiest times and routes. If you want to keep up to date on the traffic situation we recommend tuning into stations such as Worthy FM (87.7 FM).

Camping at the Glastonbury festival

Once you have your Spaceship booked for Glastonbury you will need to purchase a campervan ticket. These need to be pre-purchased via official festival ticket outlets so make sure you don't forget to grab one. Your campervan ticket will have a specific routing colour on it. This is to gain access to your designated camping area.

Designated campervan grounds at Glastonbury

These are two designated campervan grounds for the Glastonbury festival: the blue route (east side, access via Pylle road) and the red route (west side, access via A361). When you arrive at the site with your vehicle you will be directed towards the campgrounds by stewards.

They will also check you have a valid festival ticket as anyone entering the campervan area must have one. Remember that allocation is based on a first come first served basis so we recommend Pto get there early to grab the best plot for your Spaceship festival campervan.

If you have hired one of our people carriers then you will need to purchase a car park pass. This comes in the form of a simple sticker that you place on the front of your windscreen. As with the campervan tickets, these are available for purchase from April onwards. If you're trying to do it on the cheap remember there is no sleeping or camping allowed within the car parks!!!

Glastonbury camping tips

Once you and your Spaceship have found your designated site it`s time to put out your awning and relax. Important things to remember are:

  • Do not rope/tape off your designated area. Feel free to set up your awning and fold-out your table and chairs but be respectful of others need for space and access.
  • There is no electricity for campervans on site. You don't need to stress however as your Spaceship will have a dual battery system so there is no need to use an external power source.
  • There are a limited number of facilities available at the bottom of the Kidz field  & Greenpeace field. The queues will be long so we recommend throwing some baby wipes or something similar into your pack before you head off for the festival.
  • Save money on food. Every Spaceship comes with cooking facilities. We recommend stocking up on your shopping before you head into the Glastonbury festival. You'll save money and avoid the long queues at the many food stalls at the festival.
  • Medical centre. If you happen to have a little mishap there is a medical centre located near the farmhouse at the top of the site. Your vehicle also comes with an emergency kit in the back which includes a first aid kit if required. If your mishap involves your Spaceship we have a 24-hour emergency number to call.

Camping or campervan hire with mates (discount alert)

We always have many group bookings for Glastonbury. This is great if you and your friends want to share the experience in your own campervans. We also offer discounts for 3 or more vehicles so drop us a line or call us on 0208 573 2300 or +44 208 573 2300 if you and your friends are looking to book your cars or campervans together as a group.

If you are planning to meet up with other Spaceship travellers when you arrive at the festival this year we recommend doing so at least 5 miles away from the site as it can be extremely difficult to do so at the gates. There is also lots of traffic on the site so be careful when entering with your spaceship. We recommend you give any farm vehicles you see around the area or on-site lots of room when manoeuvring.

If you are arranging to meet friends once inside the festival itself, avoid the main stages or busy areas. Use places such as the "meeting point". The site itself is huge and it can be easy for someone to get disoriented, particularly after some hard partying. If you do happen to get lost you can leave a message for your friends at one of the information posts scattered around the site. 

These information points are open 24 hours. If you are also after some extra information once you grab yourself a copy of the "Glastonbury press" newspaper available from the information posts. These are a great way to stay up to date with what`s going on over the 6-day event. When you eventually stumble back to the campground your Spaceship is luckily easy to spot from a distance.

Why choose a Spaceship for the Glastonbury festival?

If you have never hired a campervan for a festival you have been missing out. Hiring a Spaceship camper for your music festival means that your tent won't get blown away, you won’t be drenched in the mud and rain and you will be able to store your belongings securely.

You are likely to spot the odd Spaceships at the Glastonbury festival. The previous years' festival campsite was covered with Spaceships in all shapes, sizes and colours. If you spot another Spaceship we recommend to head over to them and say hello. You can check out each other's set up and share stories of the festival.

Our Glastonbury campervan & car allocation is selling out fast!

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