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13 March, 2019 - Updated Last updated on
14 March, 2022

Posted by Spaceships Crew

The rising cost of hotels and motels prevent many families from travelling overseas. It is common practice for couples or families in the USA to rent a Class C RV or Winnebago, but they seldom think that these “hotels on wheels” are a great way to see the UK. You should consider Winnebago hire in the UK as this allows you the freedom to visit all the places you have heard or read about, so rent a UK motorhome and explore to your heart’s content.

What is a motorhome?

A motorhome is a vehicle that the British call a Class C RV or Winnebago. These UK motorhomes come in different sizes and drivers of 25 years and older can drive these vehicles using a regular driver’s license. Standard insurance and roadside assistance are included in the rental cost as is unlimited mileage, extra drivers and help, maps and tips & recommendations from the Spaceships crew.

Family motorhome lakeview sunset

Enjoying the views in the UK from the comfort of your motorhome

The Luxury Motorhome can sleep up to four adults and one child, whereas the Family Motorhome can sleep up to seven persons. Interior designs vary between the two, but all have automatic transmission, ABS, 24-US-gallon gas tanks and 2.3L turbo diesel engines. All come with beds with comfortable mattresses, dining table, a 3-burner stove with kitchen tools and central heating. Other facilities include a fridge/freezer, running hot and cold water, a shower and toilet. Everything you need for a great vacation.

What is there to see in the UK?

The UK dates from before Roman times and has a great many sites of historical interest. If you are considering either Class C or Winnebago hire in the UK, you have the opportunity to visit England, Scotland and Wales. Keep in mind that the UK is only 874 miles from the north of Scotland to the very tip of England, so it is possible to see a great many towns and places in quite a short time.

The south-west coast of England has lovely beaches and quaint villages, the Scottish Highlands are rugged and mountainous, and the interior countryside is riven with farmlands, orchards and pretty country lanes. Historians will want to visit ancient castles and Roman ruins and nature lovers will gasp as they drive by beautiful lakes and valleys. Kids and adult adrenaline junkies will want to take a trip to Alton Towers a popular theme park in the Midlands or Loch Ness to hunt for “Nessie” the legendary monster that is believed to live there.

Chatsworth Bridge Attribution Rob Bendall web

Typical British scenery: see and experience it all on your motorhome road trip

How is driving in the UK different to the USA?

Apart from driving on a different side of the road, there are many other things to take into account when considering a driving holiday in the UK. There are four classes of roads in the UK, a multi-lane motorway (a US interstate,) a dual carriageway (a US divided highway,) an “A” road (a US highway) and a “B” road (a US CR).

US Drivers will feel quite at home on a motorway or dual carriageway, because there is more than one lane, but bear in mind that you should ONLY drive in the left lane and use the others ONLY for overtaking. The UK Traffic police (the equivalent of the Highway Patrol or State Trooper) are very strict on this and will pull you over if you violate the Highway Code, the UK driving law. This driving law covers some differences to general driving in the USA.

“A” and “B” roads are for two-way traffic and therefore they have “solid” or “dotted” markings in the middle of the road. A double “solid” line means that you cannot cross that line, so there is absolutely NO OVERTAKING, whereas a “dotted” line means you may overtake if it is safe to do so.

It's road trip time

These small driving differences should not impair your vacation they just take a little time to get used to, so slow down, enjoy the ride and have fun. You can book your Winnebago hire in the UK aka your motorhome online and plan your desired route. That way you can see and do everything you want on your UK motorhome adventure.

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