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03 July, 2024

Posted by Mike | Spaceships Crew

Highlands Council has launched a voluntary Campervan Pass to generate funds to support and develop sustainable tourism in the region.

Campervan hire and motorhome rental visitors to the Highlands have the option of buying a 7 day Campervan Pass for a one-off payment of £40.

Good for the Highlands and good for you

Not only will you be helping to support sustainable tourism in the Highlands, your Campervan Pass will give you additional benefits including free overnight parking and daily showers. And if you are staying longer than 7 days, you can buy another weekly pass to continue to enjoy the benefits on the rest of your trip.

The free overnight parking will be available at 12 council run car parks and will be available between the hours of 10pm - 8am. It is a one night stop over and Campervan Pass holders are not permitted to use the same car park for 72 hours.

It is important to remember that in Scotland, "wild camping" in a motorised vehicle is illegal. You should always seek the permission of the landowner, while staying at a camp site enables you to safely dispose of all waste water, as well as topping up your fresh water. Find out more in our wild camping blog.

You can also get free daily access to showers and changing in any of the 23 High Life Highland Leisure locations. These are leisure centres and swimmimg pools throughout the region. Your Campervan Pass gives you free showers for 2 adults and unlimited children each day it is valid.

Give something back

The revenue generated by the scheme will be used to improve existing facilities and provide more council run sites for overnight parking. As well as generating funds to support sustainable tourism, a proportion of your fee will go to the Highland Restoration Fund. The Highland Restoration Fund invests in local nature restoration, helps to protect wildlife and combats the effects of climate change on the region's environment.

A Spaceships motorhome in the Scottish Highlands

A Spaceships motorhome in the Scottish Highlands

Highlands Council has stressed that this is a voluntary scheme for campervan and motorhome users, but is hoping that visitors to this spectacular area wil "give something back."

James Martin, Director Of Sport, Leisure And Safeguarding At High Life Highland said: "Most visitors like to do the right thing when it comes to touring round the Highlands and I am sure the scheme will prove popular, particularly with those who like to ‘give something back’".

The custom-designed Spaceships Camper Car

Access all areas in a compact Spaceships Camper Car

The free overnight parking opportunity means theat the Campervan Pass effectively pays for itself. You can enjoy free overnight parking in the scheme's council car parks, or Land and Forestry Scotland's "Stay the Night" initiative. Then mix your free nights with stays at camp sites in the Highlands to use facilities like electric hook-up, empty grey and black water and top up with fresh water.

Your Spaceships motorhome or campervan rental includes free membership of the Caravan and Motorhome Club for the whole of your hire, giving you access to the club's spectacular camp sites in Scotland at member rates.

Dunnet Bay camp site

Get member rates at the Caravan and Motorhome Club's Dunnet Bay site with your Spaceships campervan hire

Supporting responsible, sustainable tourism

We are proud to support any initiative that promotes considerate, responsible and sustainable tourism in all parts of the UK and Europe.

We always encourage visitors to respect the local community and environment, as well as to support the local economy by using local camp sites, cafés, pubs and restaurants and by shopping locally too. In fact, we include the Visit Scotland Guide to Motorhoming in every pre-collection email we send to all customers: whether they are renting a campervan or motorhome from Edinburgh or London. Take a look below.

Watch Visit Scotland's Guide to Motorhoming in Scotland

We hope that many of our customers will take up the opportunity to buy a 7 day Campervan Pass to get even more from the Highlands and to help protect and sustain this amazing place for local residents and visitors alike.

Find out more order and your Campervan Pass here

Then, just choose your Spaceships campervan or motorhome rental and prepare for touch down in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland!

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