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25 February, 2019 - Updated Last updated on
14 March, 2022

Posted by Spaceships Crew

Bonjour! Are you thinking of going for a road trip in France to experience the coast, beautiful valleys, villages, the baguettes, wine and mountain ranges? France literally has it all and more. Check out this amazing 9-day tour in France. None of your days will be the same on this trip.

Day 1: start of your road trip in France

Set out early from our depot in London to Dover. Now before you hop on the ferry make sure you take some time to walk along the White Cliffs of Dover. These majestic cliffs are like they have been taken to by a doctors scalpel and is an iconic image for people returning or visiting England by sea.

After a 1.5 hour trip on the ferry or even shorter trip on Eurotunnel, you are in France and over to Amiens for a first day stop, a cute little Northern France town.

Day 2: bonjour France

After a good nights rest it’s time for some driving. Take the motorways past the West of Paris as we are heading to the town of Blois, which is our next stop. Blois is a French village which sits on the Loire river and is the perfect first stop for starting to trip down the Loire Valley.

Day 3: most beautiful drive in France

The Loire Valley is one of the most beautiful drives in France. Today the drive from Blois through to Saumur takes in some of the best French Chateaux’s in the country, the majestic Loire river and some of the most beautiful little villages in France (all of which a Spaceship can fit through very nicely)  if you are into the Chateaux’s then we recommend you visit Chambord, Amboise (also a beautiful Village stop), Blois or Cheverney.

Day 4 & 5: wine region

After a stopover in the lovely Saumer, it’s time to head towards the coast and through the wine region of Bordeaux. Now whether you are a wine lover or just fancy the odd glass then this region is for you. World famous wines and a bargain basement price. Just walk into the local supermarket and you will be confronted with a wall of wine. However, forget supermarkets when you can drive through and stop and taste test (just make sure it’s not you who is driving).

Chateau de Ferrand Winery Saint Hippolyte John Lord

Tasty days when touring the French wine regions | photo: John Lord (Flickr CC BY 2.0)

Head straight to Grande Dune de Pyla and the campsite panorama. At this campsite, you will be next to Europe's biggest sand dune (105 metres tall!). It is at this site we recommend some rest and relaxation, beach, sand dunes climbing and walking. The campsite is well set up amongst some tall pine trees right on the beach with excellent facilities.

Day 6: Île de Ré

After a relaxing stop at camping panorama, it’s time to head back up to west coast towards La Rochelle, a cute little seaport town that is very popular. It also has the most amount of restaurants in one area we have ever seen. If you get a chance then stop by the Île de Ré, which is 30km outside La Rochelle, for lovely beaches and plenty of campsites. You will need to pay for the bridge to get over to the island.

Day 7: fancy some oysters?

Keep heading up North to the town of St Malo, another seaport town in the North Brittany. Famous for its Oysters it’s a perfect stop for a walk around the fortified city and next leg onto Mont St Michel.

Day 8: Mont St Michel

From St.Malo head to Mont St Michel with over 3 million visitors a year, this UNESCO listed this rocky tidal island and commune is not to be missed. It has a rich history having survived wars, dukes and Kings it stands alone in all its beauty.

2017 04 Mont Saint Michel 08 Antoine Lamielle

A must-see on your road trip in France: Mont Saint-Michel | photo: Antoine Lamielle (CC BY-SA 4.0)

After Mont St Michel it is time to visiting another historically significant area in Normandy, the D-Day beaches. Only 1 hour from the Mont, the beaches of Utah and Omaha where the Allies stormed the Western Front in 1944 to liberate France and turn the tide against the Nazi’s in World War 2.

Here you will find fascinating museums which detail what happened on that famous day in history. At Omaha beach, the enormity is never more apparent at the sacrifice than visiting the American cemetery and museum. You will see white crosses as far as the eye can see which words can do no justice.

After the beaches, it’s time to head to Chateau de Martragny which is set amongst some beautiful grounds.

Day 9: back to England

The last day of your road trip in France has come. Time to head back to Calais (3.5-hour drive), hop on the ferry and back to Dover. Once at Dover time to drive back to Spaceships HQ in London. We hope you had a great #spaceshipsroadtrip

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