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13 January, 2019 - Updated Last updated on
14 March, 2022

Posted by Spaceships Crew

So you just left school or are living on a moderate income, maybe you just started working a regular job and have a limited income right now. You want to enjoy your free time, and camping is one of your favourite activities but aren’t sure you have the resources. Below are some tips to help you go camping on a budget and enjoy your favourite activity while being able to afford your next rent payment.

First things first

Decide where you want to go. There are numerous places where you can go camping even for a weekend trip, such as national parks, national forests, and other public recreation areas. If your budget is super tight, try to pick a location that is closer to home. The less the distance, the more money you save.

What’s it going to cost?

Some camping sites can be expensive while others are more affordable. Even though some campsites are expensive, the majority are still cheaper than the average cost of a hotel room per night. The top budget-friendly campsites are in the national parks that are run by park wardens. Wardens are a wealth of information and are always happy to help.

Camping gear and your budget

If you don’t already have the gear you can usually buy softly used gear from second-hand stores, or car boot and garage sales. If you want new gear which a great option if you plan on using it often can be found at several camping gear shops.

But the easiest option would be to hire a Spaceships campervan or motorhome as these come with heaps of stuff included. Cooking gear and sleeping gear is included so you won't need to get your own. 

Meal planning

Make sure you plan your meals in advance, and whenever possible bring your foodstuff from home such as condiments and spices. This will save you having to buy them, and most of the time you can take them back home and continue to use them.

Eating out is expensive, and you may not be within easy reach of restaurants and cafés. Buy versatile foods such as eggs that can be used for scrambled eggs, omelettes, egg fried rice, pancakes, and so forth. Buy budget-friendly foodstuffs that will last, taste good and may give you more than one option for meals. Also, check out our campervan recipes for simple yet yummy meals.

Vegetables and fruits go bad quickly so either limit these or camp somewhere that has an open market nearby and buy them fresh every few days. Be careful when purchasing dairy products, they can be costly especially if you do not check the expiration date before buying.

Just a few ingredients needed to create a cheap and yummy meal

Just a few ingredients needed to create a cheap and yummy meal

Things to do

Generally speaking, camping activities are inexpensive. Most national parks having hiking, bicycling, fishing, boating, even swimming available. Some parks offer nature classes and activities for free or a minimal donation such as movies under the stars.

In short

Camping on a budget is easy; it can build memories that last a lifetime. If you are looking for a delightful, relaxing vacation away from all the noise, odours and headaches of everyday life, camping is a wonderful way to spend your time and clear your head.

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