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23 September, 2018 - Updated Last updated on
14 March, 2022

Posted by Spaceships Crew

If you have had the pleasure of travelling by Campervan and Motorhome before, you will know that feeling of true freedom. You travel where ever the road and your imagination can take you.

Wake up where you want, travel when you want and camp where you want. While Free camping has and will always be a very popular method of picking a place for the night, there are always those times when you just want to pick up a guide and find somewhere easily with no fuss. 

Imagine if that book was already in your Spaceship, waiting to offer you inspiration.

Enter ACSI and its comprehensive campsite guidebook

ACSI has been a treasure trove of information for road trippers for years and we are excited to be partnering with them and giving you, our customers, access to their fantastic database of campsites in the UK and Europe.

In your Spaceship, you will find the ACSI 2018 Campsite Guide with over 2,300 campsites all over the UK, Ireland, France, Spain and Portugal – all are popular destinations for our travellers. What’s better is that ALL of the campsites in this book have been inspected annually to make sure you know what to expect when you rock up in your Spaceship

Travelling with us for more than 3 weeks?

We've got great news for you... You will also get a FREE copy of the ACSI app for your phone to help make planning your stopovers even easier!

More Value in the offseason

ACSI guidebook 2018You will also receive an ACSI discount card offering discounts at selected campsites over the offseason! Travel just got cheaper!

Going further abroad?

No worries there either as the Spaceships team is on hand to offer travel advice no matter where you want to roll up and call home.

Travelling has never been more fun and finding a campsite has never been easier!

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