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Campervan & Motorhome Relocations

Sometimes, we need to move 1 or more of our vehicles between our London and Edinburgh branches. We offer these vehicles at an unbelievably low price, a price that is massively discounted. But you'll need to be travel within a specific date range and be willing to do a one-way road trip. If you are ready to travel now, you can score yourself a unique Relocation Deal!

Edinburgh to London Relocation: 

Campervans @ £20/day!

  • Travel before Saturday 3rd February 2024
    • Pick up at Edinburgh branch 
    • Return to London branch before Saturday 3rd February 2024
    • Maximum 7 day Relocation booking
    • Available on Spaceships Camper Cars or Voyager Campervans from Edinburgh to London only

Family Motorhomes @ £30/day!

  • Travel before Saturday 3rd February 2024
    • Pick up at Edinburgh branch 
    • Return to London branch before Saturday 3rd February 2024
    • Maximum 7 day Relocation booking
    • Available on Spaceships Family motorhomes only from Edinburgh to London

Book your relocation deal now! Call 0208 573 2300 or email the friendly Spaceships Crew

Relocations include everything you love about Spaceships!

  • Unlimited mileage
  • Up to 4 named drivers at no extra charge
  • Minimum age of driver 21 years 
  • Dog friendly 
  • Insurance options available

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  • Choice: campervan, camper car or self-contained motorhome (RV)
  • Freedom: go where you want, stay where you want
  • Value: unlimited mileage with no fee for additional drivers
  • Extras: add a choice of camping accessories to your order 
  • Support: in-house dedicated customer support & 24/7 free roadside assistance

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Relocation Deals

Terms & Conditions

  1. You must pick-up and drop-off at the specified dates and branches
  2. Our normal insurance options apply
  3. A £200 deposit is required, returned when you drop-off at the specified date and branch 

What is Campervan & Motorhome Relocation in the UK?

From time to time, we find ourselves needing to shuffle vehicles between our bustling branches in Edinburgh and London. Instead of utilising professional drivers or costly transportation services, we offer these vehicles for rent at unbeatable prices—massively discounted, in fact. This is your chance to embark on an incredibly cost-effective one-way road trip if you're willing to travel within a specific date range. So, if you're poised to pack your bags right now, don't miss out on these exclusive UK Relocation Deals!

How is Relocation different from a One-way Trip?

A one-way trip typically involves hiring a Spaceships campervan or motorhome from one location and returning it to another, with a one way hire fee to be added. Relocation deals, however, are exceptional. These arise when there's an unexpected need to transfer vehicles between branches. And while one-way trips are a standard offering, relocations are sporadic. They offer deep discounts, but they also get snapped up fast! So, if you spot one, grab it immediately.

Explore the UK Affordably with Our Relocations

Travelling the UK via campervan or motorhome relocations isn’t just cost-effective—it’s also a thrilling way to explore cities, countryside, and iconic landmarks. And if the timing aligns, you might just find deals as enticing as £10 per day for a campervan relocation or as low as £25 per day for a motorhome relocation in the UK.

This fantastic value means you can spend more on experiences, or perhaps a lovely meal in a local pub. Occasionally, we might even throw in added perks; all these benefits will be detailed in the relocation offer.

Looking for something even more flexible? While relocations are a steal, they do come with specific date restrictions. If you seek more freedom, check out our standard one-way or round-trip deals. Our smart booking engine automatically showcases the best available prices, ensuring you always get a fantastic deal. Simply choose your desired date & route, and let us do the rest. Happy travelling!